Restaurant Reviews 

Food is not merely a meal, it is a way of experiencing culture and telling stories. It has the power to bring people together and broaden horizons, it’s a storytelling medium.

XDT produces restaurant reviews that are a far cry from a soul-less, straight-to-the-point assessment, they are immersive viewing experiences providing an insight into the history of the establishment, the people behind the business and a journey of the signature flavors. XDT takes a deep dive into the atmosphere of each location and translates it to your screen. 

DidThatKitchen is not just a show about food but also about fun and entertainment. A lot of people apparently feel that cooking is so drudgery and boring thing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cooking can be such exciting and self-entertainment experience!


Bacon wrapped dates, vegan «tuna» sliders, «super nachos» and other shareable snacks that can be so delicious. What can be more enjoyable than cooking with someone else? A lot of people enjoy being social and being able to share things with others. So get everyone in your house involved for a great time to cook and try new tastes and flavors with our «DidThatKitchen»

Short-Form Content

Short-form content is taking the internet by storm. In the recent years, platform hosting micro-videos have grown exponentially attracting more and more new users, and traditional social media are catching up and adopting the format, taking notice of such growing success. 


Short form restaurant, meal or product overviews are an essential addition to the long form videos, or they can work independently, becoming just a bite sized piece of content providing a glimpse into a memorable food experience.

Everything In Between

To us, much like any foodie, food is far beyond mere sustenance or a simple lunch or dinner. The world of food as entertainment never fails to produce hype and food for thought (pun intended) in an endless stream of sensations – insights into different cultures and times in history, viral foods, unusual combinations and forms. 


Who invented the cronut? Where can you try French onion miso soup? How intricate can animal shaped cotton get? What were the meals served in the oldest restaurants in the world like? XDT will lead you on your journey of endless can’t-miss foods to discover, look at and seek out yourself.