The real riches are experiences. Travel enriches our mind, broadens our horizons and redefines our ways of thinking. XDT produces content capturing  all the twists and turns of travel shenanigans from the first person perspective, from flight and hotels to the most famous landmarks in the world. 


Explore the world, visit bucket list destinations, get acquainted with cultures and peoples and places you have never seen before from the comfort of your couch! XDT will accompany you in this journey. And if you do decide to explore yourself, you will definitely have some ideas for your itinerary.


Fashion is an ever-changing, ever-flowing concept. It’s so much more than just trends. Fashion characterizes different eras, carries history and defines pop culture. When we put on a shirt in the morning or slip into a fancy dress for a party we create a visual shorthand of who we are. 


Sometimes it seems like fashion is dictated by the societal pressure, it can be constricting, but it doesn’t have to be. Fashion is what you make it, and it can become an outlet to channel your personal style through the prism of trends. At XDT we believe that fashion is a wearable art form.


OOTD’s, brand features, event and merch styling, try-ons and more.

Product Unboxings & Reviews

The modern market is oversaturated with offers, products and brands. And it seems to be a daunting challenge to find something that truly speaks to you and products that you would truly love in the incessant flow of information and marketing. 


Unboxings show the product, delivery and packaging as it is, without no flattering angles, photoshop of social media fads. You get an honest first-hand review from a real person. XDT gives a genuine look at all angles and details of the product, this way you will know exactly what to expect.


Beauty standards are everywhere we look in our culture — media, film, literature, ads. We are bombarded with them the minute we enter the store or log onto any social media account… Perfect faces with flawless make-up, glitter and glam, online drama. But the beauty industry is so much more than that. 

Make-up can become a form of self-expression instead of being an oppressive standard, and one doesn’t need to have special skills, perfect skin or heaps of products to look amazing, and, more importantly, feel like your best, authentic self. 

Skincare also has been the frontrunner in beauty’s global trend. At XDT we believe that educating yourself doesn’t have to be confusing, and we love that taking care of and nurturing yourself has become fashionable.

Make-up, product features, honest reviews, realistic skincare reviews and tips and more – XDT will lead you in the world of beauty in the most immersive and inclusive way.

First Person

The life of a content creator can be so exciting, yet so busy. 


Through vlogs, insta stories, direct interaction with subscribers on Twitter and subscription services like Patreon, XDT provides a peek behind the curtain of what the life of a content creator consists of.  My thoughts, my feelings and concerns as well as joy, true stories, BTS footage and events. 


The noughties were the era of reality TV. Nowadays we watch and admire our favourite bloggers, like a reality TV in a nutshell. My followers have become a part of my life, the twists and turns of which I’m happily sharing with them.