DidThatShow is a show by women in wrestling for men, women and beyond in all walks of life.

Pilot season of the show looks into issues women face and dissects them in relation to the world of pro wrestling, worker experiences and fan spaces

Comprehensive Interviewing

Performer and worker interviews are a fan favorite type of consuming wrestling-related content. However, they can easily get repetitive. Dream match, career highlight, favorite opponent… But wrestling is so much more than that. Workers are faced with cultural shifts, gendered issues, healthcare concerns, substance use issues, family legacies, balancing day jobs, recovering from childbirth, mental health problems, etc. Every single performer has a story to tell, and comprehensive interviewing implies turnkey research that allows to create conversations that would make for a meaningful, insightful and original interview.
Professional wrestling, contrary to a popular belief, is not a thing in itself. It’s deeper and more multi-faceted than one might be ready to admit. It can be dissected from the standpoint of literary logic, of pop culture, of society’s burning issues and of business rivalries. And in this case – if it can be, then it absolutely should be! In addition to that, panel analytics is a staple type of wrestling media, essential to any promotion, that can prepare the viewer for the show they’re about to witness in a way that would make their viewing experience integral and exciting.

Ring Announcing

A fitting atmosphere can make or break the whole show.


There has been a shift in modern wrestling – nowadays all ring announcers have their own, vibrant, authentic personalities. This is a new wave in the industry that cannot be overlooked. And it is vital that said personality matches the vibe of the event, however, a truly versatile ring announcer is willing and able to deliver the exact ambiance and communication with the crowd that any given card, mood or venue calls for. 


A memorable ring announcer is a good way to engage the crowd and bring the show to a whole new level.

Inclusion Advocacy

In this past decade, professional wrestling has become more inclusive than ever. We have witnessed the emergence of women’s revolution, sensory inclusive shows, promotions going the extra mile to amplify underrepresented voices. However, the simple fact that while your average wrestling card is still 90% white men there’s no way we can claim having achieved equality still sparks debate, if not outrage. Which means, there is still a long way to go. Implementing her public relations education and experience giving public talks on gender issues, Xenia uses her knowledge and platforms to amplify female voices and campaign for inclusion in the business.


Live events, fests and cons, while arguably the most intense bonding experience for performers, fans and creators, can get all kinds of hectic. The best way to create memories is to make content, and comprehensive hosting can make or break a coverage segment, a panel or a hype package. A good host/anchor is your way to ensure that your viewer is immersed in the coverage in the most beneficial way.


What makes for a good wrestling commentary? Above all – the announce team’s willingness to add to the product, not take away from it. Anything can happen in wrestling, and it’s only natural that all kinds of mishaps might occur during the show. But it’s all a part of the game and can even make the viewing experience more electrifying, more credible and more human – if a proper announce team makes it that way.

On-Screen Managing

A professional wrestler is, first and foremost, an original, memorable character. At times, there is just one puzzle piece missing, required to amplify said character’s impact and get their message across. And that is just the job for miss Russian Diamond. Clear and to the point like quality Russian vodka and dashing like Perestroika, once she lands on your side, no one will stand in her way.